Searching for Lincoln

Searching for Lincoln is a unique, well-researched, thought-provoking documentary examining the life—and the legacy—of the man considered one of, if not the 'greatest American President' all across the nation’s political spectrum.

Director’s Statement - Eugene J. McGowan Jr.

Given what’s going on in today’s out of control - enormous U.S. central government, I decided to produce Searching for Lincoln, a film explaining how we got to where we are today as a nation, as we are no longer a Republic.

I have always been interested in U.S. history, specifically the period that has been labeled ‘The Civil War’. After researching this topic for over 40 years, I have concluded that our tragic present-day draconian conditions can be traced back to the Presidency of Abraham Lincoln.

Under Lincoln, the Union of our American Founders was destroyed and the Constitution abandoned – never to recover. What was a Federal government became an overbearing National Government Machine; in short our states are no longer sovereign.

It disgusts me that the general population is not aware of what transpired under Lincoln’s Presidency, due to the fact that the victors write the ‘history’. This film is authenticated through original documentation, and refutes what typical schools and Universities have brainwashed students with in general. I was motivated to make this film to bring to light the truth and to finally unveil the real Lincoln. To achieve this, we used many records in evidence and national archive records, which were ignored and concealed by ‘historians’ for the last 150 years.

Searching for Lincoln reveals how the 16th President planned and carried out the bloodiest war America has ever endured, thereby enslaving all U.S. citizens, white and black. Lincoln forced his dreams of an all-powerful national government upon all American citizens, rather than respecting how the U.S. was established – as a Republic, by our Founding Fathers. And yet, people believe that he saved the Union and freed the slaves. He did neither.

I must say, when people are forced to live under a government that they do not want to be a part of – or believe in, they themselves become enslaved. This film is right, most historians are wrong…these facts cannot be disputed - End of story.

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